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Healing with Humankindness for Lower Back Pain on the Central Coast

Low back pain can interfere with even your simplest routines. To find relief from low back pain, partner with the trusted orthopedic doctors at Dignity Health Central Coast to get back to pain-free living. 

Our orthopedic specialists can help you better understand the cause of your low back pain and offer low back pain treatments with humankindness. Find a Doctor today to discuss what’s causing your lower back pain on the Central Coast of California.


Identifying Lower Back Pain Causes at Dignity Health Central Coast

Whether you picked up something too heavy or had a slip and fall, your lower back can feel the painful impact of these actions. In addition to back pain, you may have cramping as well as dull or sharp aches.

Low back pain can sideline you from everyday activities. Our Dignity Health Central Coast health care providers can help you with low back pain relief so that you can get back to doing the things you love to do. 

While the causes of your lower back pain can vary, over-activity is one of the most common reasons. Spinal conditions and injuries, damaged discs, and scoliosis also can contribute to back pain.


Quality Low Back Pain Treatments

Dignity Health Central Coast health care providers have extensive experience with low back pain treatment, risk factors affecting treatment options, and prevention techniques.

Our doctors carefully listen to what you are going through and suggest personalized pain relief options, including stretching, massage, and hot and cold therapy. Anti-inflammatory medicines also may help your healing.

For severe or low back pain that does not go away, your options for a faster recovery may include stronger pain relievers, a back brace, or physical therapy. Back surgery is the last option your doctor will typically discuss with you, once you have tried other treatments.

An orthopedic doctor at Dignity Health can help you understand your back pain and explain low back treatment options can restore your health and well-being. Talk to your doctor to find out more about the ways to relieve low back pain on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health’s compassionate orthopedic doctors can provide treatment options for low back pain on the Central Coast of California.