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Award-Winning Care for Orthopedic Conditions on the Central Coast

Are joint and muscle pains making your daily life and activities hard to enjoy? Dignity Health Central Coast orthopedic services offers quality care with kindness for all types of orthopedic conditions in on the Central Coast of California.

Whether you live with back pain or sports injuries or you need a hip replacement, our orthopedic specialists provide award-winning care with humankindness.The healing of your mind, body, and spirit is our priority.

To talk to an expert about the most effective treatment for your pain, Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast. You can also take our online joint pain assessment and discuss the results with your doctor.


Diagnosing Your Orthopedic Condition at Dignity Health Central Coast

Orthopedic conditions involve ailments that affect your muscles and bones, including your joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Dignity Health Central Coast specializes in treating orthopedic conditions, ranging from common elbow conditions and injuries to hip fractures.

If you have one of these common orthopedic conditions, find compassionate, quality care at Dignity Health Central Coast:


Understanding & Treating Your Orthopedic Condition

If swinging a golf club, walking your dog, or daily laps at a local pool now comes with pain, the cause can stem from an orthopedic condition. Common causes include repetitive motions, overuse, and trauma. 

Understanding your orthopedic pain takes an important first step toward healing and well-being. Common symptoms include pain in your joint, muscle, or bone. 

Award-winning orthopedic services are found at the following Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals: 

Your treatment for an orthopedic conditions depends on your specific issue, medical history, and risk factors. Orthopedic doctors at Dignity Health Central Coast find that relief and healing of many conditions respond well to rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications.

Know that our trusted doctors provide orthopedic care focused on humankindness and your healing.

Dignity Health offers personalized services for all types of orthopedic conditions throughout the Central Coast of California.