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Get Moving Again with Hip Surgery on the Central Coast

If you feel constant hip pain and have trouble moving, you may benefit from hip surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Hip pain can be caused by a wide range of hip conditions or injuries. A Dignity Health Central Coast doctor can help you better understand the reason for your discomfort and discuss the types of hip surgery available to help you heal.

For the treatment of orthopedic conditions with dignity, care, and respect, Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health to learn more about hip surgery on the Central Coast of California.


Why You May Need Hip Surgery

Your hip joint is made up of your hip bone and thigh bone, along with ligaments, cartilage, soft tissues, and tendons. As the largest joint in your body, your hip serves as the center for your movements.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our doctors will find out more about your specific hip pain to determine if a hip surgery procedure or other treatment can help. Hip surgery is commonly recommended for: 

  • Inflammatory or traumatic arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis, the deterioration of your bone and cartilage
  • Osteonecrosis, where bone is dead
  • Dysplasia, when your hip develops incorrectly and wears out
  • Loose cartilage pieces and bone fragments
  • Hip symptoms without a known cause
  • Hip fractures and breaks


Types of Hip Surgery & Recovery at Dignity Health Central Coast

Pinpointing the cause of your hip pain will help your orthopedic surgeon suggest the right hip procedure for your healing and well-being. The most common hip surgeries are arthroscopic, fracture repair, dislocation, replacement, and resurfacing

At Dignity Health Central Coast, your hip surgery will take place at one of our award-winning hospitals conveniently located near you: 

Schedule an appointment with a Dignity Health Central Coast expert to see if hip surgery on California’s Central Coast will help resolve your hip pain, so you can get back to doing all the activities you enjoy.

The award-winning orthopedic doctors at Dignity Health provide care with humankindness for hip surgery on the Central Coast of California.

Hip Surgery