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Award-Winning Care for Hip Fractures on the Central Coast

If you have fallen and are experiencing pain in your upper thigh, you may have a fractured hip. This can happen when the impact on your thighbone is so great that it causes a hip bone fracture or hip break.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our doctors consider this a serious injury that can cause life-threatening complications. Get immediate emergency care or dial 911 for hip fracture symptoms on the Central Coast. 

Have questions about hip bone fractures and treatment options? Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast for compassionate orthopedic care.

Understanding Hip Fractures vs. Breaks

The ball of your thighbone, also called your femur, fits into your pelvis socket. If the top of your thighbone breaks, the result is a hip fracture. This is different from a hip break that occurs on the pelvic side of your thighbone.

Hip fractures are typically caused by the trauma of a fall or a direct force to the hip. In fact, falls cause 95 percent of hip fractures. 

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor may suspect you have a hip fracture or break if you are unable to bear weight or rotate your hip. This orthopedic condition also can make one of your legs shorter than the other or cause your leg to turn inward. You hip also may swell, feel stiff, or have bruising.

Certain medical and orthopedic conditions weaken your thighbone, making it easier to break. These conditions include cancer, osteoporosis, and stress injuries.

Effective Treatment for Hip Bone Fracture at Dignity Health Central Coast

If you have a hip fracture, your doctor will most likely recommend surgery. Each case is unique, and the extent of your injury will determine the best surgical approach.

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor can realign and stabilize your thighbone using screws, pins, and plates. In some cases, hip joint replacement surgery is needed to repair the injured hip. 

After your surgery, our physical therapists will work with you to regain the strength, function, and flexibility of your injured hip. Our philosophy of health care with humankindness will help get you back on your feet and living life.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, we care about the healing of your mind, body, and spirit following a hip injury. Our award-winning orthopedic team has extensive experience in treating hip fractures and breaks.

Contact a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor today and begin your path to healing and recovery from hip fractures.

Dignity Health orthopedic experts will help you regain mobility and get back to enjoying daily activities after a hip fracture on the Central Coast.