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Find Relief for Hip Injuries on the Central Coast

Your hip is one of the largest joints in your body and supports a wide range of your movements. When you have hip pain, it can affect every aspect of your life and keep you from what you enjoy doing most. 

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our dedicated orthopedic teams want you to get back to the sports and activities you love. We partner with you to relieve your hip pain and determine the best, personalized options for treating hip injuries and conditions on the Central Coast of California.

Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs as you start to heal from your hip injury.

Pinpointing Hip Joint Conditions at Dignity Health Central Coast

The most common symptom of a hip condition or injury is pain. This pain can travel to your knees, thighs, or buttocks. In addition to hip pain, you may have joint stiffness, a popping or locking of the joint, and a decreased range of motion.

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will review your medical history to diagnose your specific hip problem. Common hip conditions and injuries include hip dislocations, hip strains, hip arthritis, hip fractures and breaks, and hip bursitis

Hip injuries are usually the result of a fall, car accident, or sports injury that caused a dislocation, fracture, or strain. If you have a passion for running 5Ks or biking long distances, repetitive motions and overuse also can cause some hip conditions, such as bursitis. Other medical conditions, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, can contribute to hip conditions as well.

Treating Hip Problems with Personal Care

Hip fractures, and sometimes dislocations, usually require surgery to effectively treat your injury. 

Many hip conditions and injuries get better with nonsurgical treatments, including rest, modifying activities, and using anti-inflammatory medicines. Your Dignity Health Central Coast health care provider will explain about how physical therapy can help relieve pain and restore strength, flexibility, and range of motion to your hip. 

Take the first step to returning to a life full of activity by talking to a Dignity Health doctor about your hip condition on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health’s orthopedic experts offer exceptional care for hip conditions and injuries on the Central Coast of California.

Find Relief for Hip Injuries on the Central Coast