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Exploring Your Options for Joint Replacement on the Central Coast

Joint surgery and replacement can effectively treat a number of orthopedic conditions, including infections, arthritis, overuse, and injuries. If you live with chronic pain, you may find significant relief from having a joint surgery or replacement.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our award-winning orthopedic surgeons perform a variety of joint surgeries. In addition to offering joint pain relief, we provide care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, orthopedic nurses, case managers, and physical and occupational therapists helps you return to your active lifestyle after joint replacement surgery. 

Find a Doctor today to start your journey for healing with joint replacement on the Central Coast.


Easing Your Pain with Joint Surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast

If you have pain or limited movement in one of your joints, your doctor may recommend joint surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast. In addition to pain, joint surgery can effectively treat joints deformed by arthritis or trauma, as well as damaged and diseased joints.

Hip and knee replacements are common types of joint surgery. Joint surgeries include:

  • Joint fusion that permanently joins two bones to provide pain relief but limits movement
  • Joint revision to replace joints that are old, damaged, or diseased
  • Arthroscopy, which uses minimally invasive surgery to detect and treat a variety of joint conditions
  • Joint resurfacing to preserve parts of your joint, such as the top of your thighbone
  • Total joint replacement, which involves implanting an artificial joint to replace a joint that is damaged or diseased

Your doctor will determine the specific cause of your joint pain and discuss surgical options that will relieve your pain so you can get back to daily activities.


Living Life Fully After a Joint Replacement Surgery

Your specific condition and type of surgery will determine how quickly you heal from joint surgery. 

You may need physical therapy to restore mobility and strength to your joint. If you have major joint replacement surgery, you will likely spend a few days in our hospital and may need additional time at a rehabilitation center for the complete healing of your body, mind, and spirit. 

Your doctor will perform surgery at one of these Dignity Health Central Coast area hospitals:

Schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to find out more about our joint surgery on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health provides expertise in joint replacement throughout California’s Central Coast.

Exploring Your Options for Joint Replacement on the Central Coast