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End Chronic Pain with Joint Resurfacing on the Central Coast

In lieu of a full joint replacement, Dignity Health Central Coast offers joint resurfacing as an option to preserve your joint. If you have a joint pain, especially in your knee, hip, or shoulder, your doctor may suggest joint resurfacing on the Central Coast of California.

Living with a chronic orthopedic condition can change your lifestyle and affect your overall well-being. At Dignity Health Central Coast, we offer care with humankindness to get you back on your feet.

Find a Doctor today to decide if you are a good candidate for hip resurfacing.


Joint Resurfacing at Dignity Health Central Coast

Considered a partial joint replacement, joint resurfacing replaces only the damaged section of your joint. Your orthopedic surgeon uses artificial materials to replace the damaged area, saving more of your healthy joint tissue. 

To ease your chronic joint pain, Dignity Health Central Coast perform joint resurfacing to treat:

  • Osteoarthritis, a deterioration of your bone and cartilage
  • Rotator cuff conditions in your shoulder
  • Inflammatory types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia caused by wear from a hip joint that does not develop correctly
  • Osteonecrosis, a rare condition that causes bone to die
  • Traumatic arthritis, which occurs following a fracture or severe strain or sprain 

Talk to your doctor about the benefits of joint resurfacing versus joint replacement.


Returning to Daily Activities Following Joint Resurfacing

Joint resurfacing requires a hospital stay for one to four days so that you can begin the healing process. You also may need to spend some time in one of our rehabilitation centers to take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

To help you gain strength and mobility in your joint, your doctor will recommend physical therapy. After your are fully recovered, you can return to your active lifestyle.

For award-winning orthopedic services, reach out to a Dignity Health expert to discuss the benefits of joint resurfacing on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health wants you to enjoy an active lifestyle without pain after hip resurfacing on the Central Coast of California.