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Comprehensive Stroke Treatment & Prevention on the Central Coast

Prompt treatment can make all the difference when it comes to stroke. Dignity Health’s certified stroke care quickly diagnoses and treats stroke on the Central Coast of California to preserve critical brain function.

Dignity Health Central Coast’s neuroscience stroke program offers you comprehensive care, starting with emergency care and ranging to in-house acute rehabilitation. Our neurological care is unmatched in the region and unique in our philosophy of care, dignity, and respect for your healing and well-being.

Find a Doctor today who specializes in personalized stroke treatment for every step of your stroke recovery.


Exceptional Stroke Treatment with Humankindness at Dignity Health Central Coast

With the region’s largest network of primary stroke center hospitals, Dignity Health Central Coast provides a team approach to stroke treatment that includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses, technicians, radiologists, and other exceptional care team members. Along with the services of our pharmacy, laboratory, and diagnostic imaging specialists, your personalized stroke treatment focuses on your healing and overall well-being. 

Stroke recovery will depend on the type of stroke you experienced. Our neurology team offers: 

  • Ischemic stroke treatment that includes an anticoagulant medication (TPA), or clot-busters, to dissolve the clot, thrombolytic therapy to remove the clot, or a combination of both
  • Treatments for hemorrhagic stroke with either minimally invasive or open surgery to stop bleeding
  • Treatments for all types of strokes that include rehabilitation, medications for underlying conditions that can lead to stroke, such as high blood pressure, and lifestyle changes such as a personalized exercise plan and a healthy diet

Your doctor will work very closely with you for stroke treatment, taking into careful consideration your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.


Staying Healthy with Stroke Prevention

You can significantly reduce your chance of stroke by protecting your brain and adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle. Our neurology care team offers these stroke prevention strategies for your continued health and well-being: 

  • Eat a healthy diet that keeps your cholesterol and blood sugar at recommended levels.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Wear your seatbelt, protective sports equipment, and bike helmet to limit your risk of traumatic brain injury, which increases your odds of stroke.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Get medical treatment for medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. 

Taking good care of your heart helps all of your blood vessels remain flexible and open. Healthy blood vessels contribute to a healthy brain and reduces your risk of stroke. Contact Dignity Health for expert advice and learn how to reduce your chance of stroke on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health has the largest network of primary stroke hospitals focused on stroke treatment and prevention on the Central Coast of California.