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Caring for Torn & Strained Biceps on the Central Coast

Have you lifted weights at the gym for years or recently picked up something a bit too heavy, and are experiencing pain? Pain in your elbow or shoulder may suggest an orthopedic condition caused by a biceps tendon injury or strain.

Overuse, repetitive motions, or overloading your muscle can lead to biceps tendon injuries. At Dignity Health Central Coast, our comprehensive orthopedics team can help relieve your arm injury by following a philosophy of compassionate care, dignity, and respect.

Find a Doctor today to talk with an expert about treating your bicep tear or strain at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Pinpointing Biceps Tendon Injury Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast

The signs and symptoms of biceps tendon injury depend on how badly you injured yourself and whether it’s your elbow or shoulder. Most injuries affect your arm’s upper biceps tendon. 

With a biceps tendon injury strain, you may feel mild tenderness or pain at the front of the shoulder or sharp pain in your shoulder and upper arm. Your shoulder also may make a popping sound or cause a sensation in your shoulder. 

In addition to overuse and trauma, your age is a risk factor for developing bicep tendon injury and strain as tendons slowly weaken and become less flexible. This makes your bicep tendons more susceptible to stress and injury.


Biceps Tendon Injury Treatment

During your appointment with a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor, you will describe your symptoms and discuss your health history. This allows your doctor to develop a personalized treatment plan specific to your condition.

If your doctor diagnoses a mild biceps tendon injury, self-treatment with rest, ice, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines usually will relieve your pain.

Your doctor also may suggest physical therapy or corticosteroid shots if your biceps tendon injury and strain is severe or keeps coming back. Sometimes, orthopedic surgery is necessary to repair your tendon.

Schedule an appointment with a trusted health care provider at Dignity Health Central Coast today to create a personalized treatment plan for your torn or strained bicep.

Care with humankindness is the focus of Dignity Health orthopedic experts, who effectively treat biceps tendon injury and strain throughout California’s Central Coast.