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Diagnosing Spinal Deformity on the Central Coast

Spinal deformities can range from very small curves of your spine to severe deformities that can cause you problems with walking, breathing, and daily activities. 

Regardless of the severity, Dignity Health Central Coast orthopedic doctors provide expert, compassionate care with dignity for spinal deformity. Find a Doctor today to discuss spinal deformity types and our quality treatment for spinal deformities on the Central Coast of California.


Defining Types of Spinal Deformity at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your spinal vertebrae normally stack one on top of the other. From the side, a normal spine makes a natural C curve at the neck and lower back, and a reverse C curve at the chest level.

Spinal deformities result in changes in any of these natural positions of your spine and vertebrae. A Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will review your medical history to identify and treat your spine condition with humankindness. 

Spinal deformities include scoliosis (S-curve), lordosis (swayback), spondylolisthesis (misaligned vertebrae), kyphosis (hunchback), and a variety of birth defects.


Personalized Treatment of Spinal Deformity

If you have a spinal deformity, the cause is not always known. However, some types, such as scoliosis, tend to run in families.

As a normal part of aging, the spine can experience wear and tear that causes your spine to break down. Orthopedic conditions, such as osteoporosis, also can contribute to certain spinal deformities. 

Your personalized treatment options will depend on the type and size of your spinal deformity. Some small curves do not require any treatment. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy, specific back exercises, or back bracing for more severe spinal deformities. Medications can help reduce symptoms and treat any underlying conditions, such as osteoporosis.

If your spinal deformity is very large or severe, orthopedic surgery at a Dignity Health Central Coast hospital can help straighten your spine and prevent complications. If you have a spinal deformity, talk to a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor about your treatment options.

Dignity Health’s comprehensive orthopedics team can you can enjoy an active life with effective treatment of your spinal deformity on the Central Coast.