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Trusted Care for Spinal Fractures on the Central Coast

Spinal fractures are considered very serious injuries. At Dignity Health Central Coast, our team of orthopedic doctors ensures that you receive excellent, personal care for all types of spinal fractures. 

Most major spinal fractures are caused by high-energy trauma incidents, such as car accidents, and require emergency care. Find a Doctor today to learn more about our treatment for spinal fractures throughout California’s Central Coast.


Determining Types of Spinal Fractures at Dignity Health Central Coast

A spinal fracture occurs when one of your spinal vertebra cracks or breaks. This orthopedic condition most commonly occurs in your low back, middle back, and where the two areas meet.

In addition to trauma, spinal fractures may occur with degeneration of your spinal column over time. See a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor immediately if you suspect a spinal fracture, as you may require emergency care.

The extent of your injury will determine the spinal fracture signs and symptoms you experience. Minor spinal compression fractures typically involve only mild pain. With severe spinal fractures, symptoms you can have intense back pain that becomes worse as you move.

It’s best to assume that you have a spinal fracture until a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor determines otherwise.


Spinal Fractures Healing & Prevention

You can do a number of simple things to prevent a spinal fracture. To reduce your risk of spinal compression fractures: 

  • Eat foods rich in calcium or take supplements.
  • Get daily exercise.
  • Get screening for osteoporosis after age 65.
  • Improve your balance and flexibility to avoid falls.
  • Make your home a fall-free area.

Treatment options depend on your type of spinal fracture. Many spinal fractures respond to nonsurgical treatments, which include back bracing or casting and physical therapy

Rehabilitation exercises can help safeguard you from future back pain. Orthopedic surgery is sometimes necessary to secure your spine and reduce pressure on your spinal cord. 

Talk to your orthopedic doctor for more information on how to safeguard your back from spinal fractures on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health’s award-winning doctors provide exceptional care for all types of orthopedic conditions, including fractured spines, on the Central Coast of California.