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Trusted Surgery for a Hyperextended Elbow on the Central Coast

If your elbow joint becomes overextended or bends backwards, you may have what doctors call an elbow hyperextension injury.

Our Dignity Health Central Coast doctors are ready to work with you to determine if your elbow injury is severe enough for elbow hyperextension surgery. Find a Doctor today to start on the path of healing with surgery for a hyperextended elbow on California’s Central Coast.


End Pain with Elbow Surgery for Hyperextension at Dignity Health Central Coast

Swelling and discoloration are early signs that you may have an elbow hyperextension injury. You also can have pain and weakness directly in your joint. 

In most cases, a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will recommend home treatment with rest, compression, and ice while keeping your elbow from moving.

If your injury is severe, however, you may experience tingling and numbness or even deformity of the joint. Our award-winning orthopedic team can restore joint stability or make repairs. The need for elbow hyperextension surgery increases if your injury includes bone fractures, damage to ligaments or other tissue damage, or damage to nerves and blood vessels. 

Surgery also may be an effective option for your healing process if you experience repeated bouts of hyperextension.


Preparing for Elbow Surgery for Hyperextension

Like other types of elbow surgeries, such as elbow surgery for tendonitis, elbow hyperextension surgery may require a stay at one of our Dignity Health Central Health hospitals.

Wearing a splint will help your elbow heal following surgery. Physical therapy will make your joint stronger and aid recovery. Full recovery may take several weeks, or it may require months for you to completely heal and return to all of your activities. 

Talk to a Dignity Health Central Coast health care provider who is focused on your well-being. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from elbow hyperextension surgery on California’s Central Coast.

Dignity Health doctors provide personal care for a wide range of orthopedic treatments, including elbow surgery for hyperextension, on the Central Coast of California.