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Ease Pain with Elbow Surgery for Tendonitis on the Central Coast

If you experience tenderness in the tendons and muscles at your elbow joint, you may find it difficult to engage in the physical activities you enjoy most, whether it’s golf or gardening, tennis or throwing a pitch. 

Most of the time, tendonitis responds well to ice and rest, or to anti-inflammatory medicines. If your tendonitis is severe and does not go away, or returns frequently, your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor can help. 

Find a Doctor today to learn how a personalized treatment plan that includes elbow surgery for tendonitis on the Central Coast may prevent future episodes of tendonitis from slowing you down.


Common Causes of Elbow Pain at Dignity Health Central Coast

You may have heard the terms “tennis elbow” and “golfer’s elbow.” Both refer to overuse injuries that happen when you use the same muscle and tendon again and again. The technical term for tennis elbow is “lateral epicondylitis,” and the technical term for golfer’s elbow is “medial epicondylitis.”

A Dignity Health Central Coast orthopedic doctor may recommend corticosteroid shots directly into the problem area to relieve your elbow pain. Elbow surgery can effectively relieve your pain if your tendonitis is severe, keeps coming back, or has not responded to other treatments.


Preparing for Surgery for Tendonitis in Your Elbow

If you decide to move forward with elbow surgery for tendonitis, a Dignity Health Central Coast surgeon who specializes in orthopedic conditions will remove tissue that is damaged and reattach healthy muscle and tendon to your bone. 

Your elbow surgery for tendonitis may take place at an outpatient surgery center or at one of these local Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals:

Following elbow surgery, your doctor will thoroughly explain ways you can reduce your risk of possible complications.


Steps to Healing & Recovery

You will typically wear an elbow splint for about a week following your surgery, so that your elbow is stabilized and cannot move as it heals.

Physical therapy will assist in your recovery from elbow surgery. It also will help you learn how to prevent future episodes of tendonitis. Your Dignity Health Central Coast health care provider will discuss prevention techniques, which may include stretching after exercising and strengthening your forearm muscles.

Your unique circumstances and the type of your elbow surgery for tendonitis will determine the time it takes you to fully heal. Full recovery may take several weeks or months. 

Contact Dignity Health to learn more from a doctor with extensive experience in helping you heal from elbow surgery for tendonitis on the Central Coast of California.

Receive personalized treatment from a Dignity Health orthopedic surgeon who specializes in elbow surgery for tendonitis on California’s Central Coast.