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Expert Perspectives on Stroke

Why Minutes Matter

Minimizing the time between the onset of stroke and the beginning of treatment is critical.

The Importance of Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers 

Treating stroke victims swiftly and effectively is vital, but access to first rate stroke care varies.

How Telemedicine is Changing Stroke Treatment

One of the greatest challenges in treating acute stroke is the time it takes to deliver victims to stroke specialists.

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Our neurologists combine advanced treatment options while considering your well-being as we care for your condition.

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Learn More About Neurological Diseases


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Read about the disease causes and risk factors, along with expectations and outcomes of living with the disease.


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Approximately 30,000 people live with HD in the United States, and another 200,000 are at risk of inheriting the disease.

Patient Story

A Stroke of Luck

Recognizing when someone else is having a stroke is the first step to saving a life. Meet one of our hometown heroes.

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