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[Photo Above: Continuity Clinic - Mercy Family Health Center]

Mercy Family Health Center

Mercy Family Health Center houses the residency program’s model family practice center where residents work alongside Faculty in a group practice setting.

At Mercy Family Health Center, the payer distribution is comprised of approximately 30% private insurance and 70% Medicare/Medi-Cal patients. Abroad spectrum of ages, ethnicity, and clinical problems, from prenatal care to geriatrics, is included in each resident’s panel.

First-year residents spend one to two half-days per week in clinic, second years, two to four half-days, and third- year residents, three to five. Resident caseloads increase through the three years of training as proficiency increases and residents prepare to go into practice.

Mercy Family Health Center patients are cared for on The Family Practice Service at Mercy Medical Center. Residents participate fully in their patients’ hospital care, supervised by a Family Medicine preceptor.

Medical students frequently rotate through our center for educational experiences in primary care. Accessing knowledge at the point of care is a critical component of being a successful practitioner. A well-established, up to date library along with Internet access is readily available.

[Photos: Faculty support with Patients | Mercy Residency Faculty Training Resident | Mercy Resident providing Direct Patient Care]