A few reasons why our residents chose us

“I chose MMCR because the opportunities available in the PGY1 residency program align with my interests. As a level 2 trauma center serving a large geographical area, MMCR has the resources to handle high acuity cases. I wanted to be a part of a program where I would be challenged by the unique acute care learning experiences available. Also, as an APPE student at MMCR I appreciated the strong teamwork of the pharmacy staff, devotion the preceptors had to teaching, and the integration of pharmacists into a variety of aspects of patient care. Overall, I felt like this residency program was a good fit for me and will help me to grow into a strong clinical pharmacist.”

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"I chose Mercy Medical Center Redding because it offers opportunities that I am looking for in a PGY1 residency program. Besides the exciting rotations such as Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, and Trauma which first drew me to this institution, being a level II trauma center with a level III NICU provides a unique opportunity to specialize in acute care/critical care, the field of pharmacy that I am most passionate about. I was very impressed with the culture of the pharmacy team during my interview. I realized Pharmacy culture at MMCR is more than a team culture; it is more like a family. These are a few reasons why MMCR makes a great residency program."

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"I chose MMCR because of the area it serves, the clinical experiences it offers, and the people who work here. MMCR is a level 2 trauma center that serves northern California and southern Oregon, and its geographic location makes it a major referral center for the surrounding counties. I wanted to train in situations with high acuity and complexity, and MMCR offered those experiences because of its importance to the region. The program itself perfectly matched my primary practice interests as well (critical care, trauma, and emergency medicine). In addition to its robust training in acute care, opportunities in informatics and critical access piqued my interest as areas of pharmacy that could change my perspective of the profession. Most importantly, I felt welcomed and happy around the people here. Coming into residency, I knew that I wanted to learn in a positive environment no matter how challenging the work was. The first people I met left a strong impression as a supportive and positive group to be around. Ever since then, the pharmacy team and medical professionals have continued to make the hospital a place to belong."

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A Few Reasons Why Our Residents Chose Us

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