A Few Reasons Why Our Residents Chose Us

AJ Cole 
AJ Cole | University of the Pacific
Email: [email protected]

“I chose Mercy Medical Center Redding because when I was an APPE student at Mercy I felt a family-like connection to the pharmacy team. The level of devotion that each preceptor has for teaching both pharmacy residents and students would give me opportunities to grow in all aspects of the pharmacy world. Overall, I felt like the residency was a good fit for me to fulfill my preceptor career goals.”

Megan Handel 
Megan Handel | Touro University
Email: [email protected]

“I liked this program for several reasons: 1) I desired strong acute care training and this program is primarily acute care focused with a unique rotation in critical access. 2) My primary interest is in Oncology and they have a core Oncology rotation in two outpatient infusion centers. 3) I appreciated the family-like vibes and friendly atmosphere.”

Michelle Huang
Michelle Huang | Touro University
Email: [email protected]

“I chose MMCR because it offers everything I am looking for in a PGY1 residency program. My primary interests reside in emergency medicine, critical care, and trauma. MMCR is a level 2 trauma center with a level 3 NICU that serve a culturally and geographically diverse patient population. I knew MMCR would provide a challenging and robust acute care learning experience in my training to be a clinical pharmacist. I wanted to be part of a program that promotes multidisciplinary care and learning. Pharmacy residents at MMCR have the opportunity to work closely with the medical residents, empowering each other to become better clinicians. The pharmacists at MMCR are well-received by the medical team and are an integral part of multidisciplinary rounds, code blues, trauma resuscitations, and different clinical committees. MMCR is also affiliated with University of the Pacific (UOP), Touro University, and CA Northstate University (CNSU) schools of pharmacy and offers a teaching certificate through the UOP College of Pharmacy. There are many opportunities to teach, precept, and mentor pharmacy students, which all align with my professional career goals.”

Eric Lai
Eric Lai | Touro University
Email: [email protected]

“One of the reasons why I chose Mercy Redding was because it is the only trauma center in the northern California and southern Oregon area. I wanted to practice in a hospital that is well equipped to handle high acuity cases and Mercy Redding has the resources to handle many different situations for a wide range of patients. I was also drawn to the strong interdisciplinary culture and camaraderie of the pharmacy team. Everyone in the pharmacy gets along great with each other and teamwork is strongly emphasized. There are many staff members that have worked at Mercy for years and it helps to have that veteran support whenever I need it. I also like that the doctors respect pharmacy recommendations and the medical residents are encouraged to lean on pharmacy as a resource. Lastly, I liked Mercy for being an open-minded area to practice. Many of the positions and rotation opportunities are only available because of how willing the pharmacy department is to continue to grow and improve our opportunities to provide patient care. Previous residents have paved to way in making key positions available, such as having a dedicated emergency department pharmacist, and I wanted an opportunity to make a lasting impact like my predecessors.”

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