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Past Heroes in Nursing Awards

What’s the best way to nominate someone? Share their story in as detailed and honest way possible. These nominations are how the selection committee identifies the most deserving Heroes in Nursing.

Examples of Past Nomination Stories 

Community Service, Volunteerism and Partnerships

This is one of those special people who nurtures all, she is always there for everyone no matter what your need.  She always has an ear and a shoulder, she really is like a mom in our dept. we depend on her and she never fails us.  We had one of our own whose wife came in by ambulance, it was a very dire situation.  She crashed once in our department and then again in the ICU, her husband (our employee) was at another facility working and her son was at school.  This person jumped into actions as she always does and said "I am leaving I have to go pick up her son from school now!" She wanted to be sure that he had an opportunity to see his mother maybe for the last time, after she picked him up she answered his tough questions as honest as she could.  He said "is my mom going to die?" and this person said that "her prognosis was not good" she asked him about school and the sports he was in and when she got back to work she told me "he is beautiful and so bright he is going to be just fine".  If it were not for this individual, he could have missed his opportunity to spend those last moments with his mother, she not only takes care of our patients but she takes care of their loved ones.  As wonderful as she is to those she works with her passion is taking care of our patients, making sure that they get the VERY best care while here and is just so very compassionate.  We are so fortunate and grateful to have her on our team, this is just one recent story there are many more that involve making sure that the children the ones that are usually forgotten and pushed to the wayside during times when adults are so overwhelmed with their own sense of impending loss do not think that this will be the last time for their children to hold, kiss, say goodbye to those they also hold so dear.  Thank you for listening to your calling being so amazing and compassionate with all you encounter and for being you!

Exemplary Professional Practice

If you have cancer and are receiving chemotherapy for the first time, this nurse is who you want at your bed side. Her many years of experience and knowledge will put you at ease and her compassion and attention to detail will comfort you. Many patients have reported the great care they received from this nurse at Outpatient Chemotherapy.

She truly exemplifies the art of nursing in her delivery of care. She is able to coordinate the big picture of a treatment plan by following appropriate guidelines and staying current on best practices while maintaining excellent interpersonal skills with patients and families. It is not uncommon for her to do special things for her patients like get them cupcakes and sing "Happy Birthday" to them in the treatment room.

On a larger scale, she looks beyond the immediate needs and uses appropriate community resources as she daily assesses patients in the infusion room. She has been instrumental in identifying patients requiring counseling, transportation assistance, food resources, and education and then follows-up to assure they are connected with services.

She is a trusted resource for other nurses and leads by example in her daily interactions with staff, patients and caregivers. She is consistently kind, cheerful, and hardworking no matter how challenging the day is.

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