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2024 Community Health Improvement Grant Award Summary

The Greater Sacramento Market has awarded community grants to fifteen collaborative projects across Sacramento, and Yolo counties for CY 2024. 

In Sacramento County, $966,274 in community grants have been awarded to thirteen community partnership projects: 

Future Focused: Fentanyl Education and Awareness Campaign: This program is focused on education and awareness of drug prevention, counterfeit pills and Fentanyl poisoning deaths for students and teachers in schools, for parents/guardians in Parent workshops, and for community members with Town Hall meetings, virtual trainings, train the trainer opportunities; Education on mental health and drug use resources for schools. The expected outcome is to decrease the amount of counterfeit pills and Fentanyl poisoning deaths in our community and change student’s perceptions of seeking mental health resources.

  • Lead Organization: Arrive Alive California, Inc. (AAC) 
  • Collaborators: California Chaplain Corps (CCC), Sacramento County District Attorney's Office (SCDA), and Sacramento County Department of Health Services
  • Grant Award: $80,000 

Bridging house for women and children experiencing homelessness: With support of the collaborative partners, Bridging Initiatives International (BII) will increase comprehensive support to women and children experiencing homelessness, including food and shelter, case management, life skills training, support groups, and connecting them with other community services. The goal is to house individuals/families and transition them to a stable life, where they can thrive and build a better future. This service will extend its reach to encompass the communities surrounding San Juan Hospital in North Highlands, Carmichael, and Citrus Heights areas.

  • Lead Organization: Bridging Initiatives International
  • Collaborators: Sacramento Steps Forward (SSF), Carmichael HART, and Mercy Holistic Ministry
  • Grant Award: $75,000

Newborn Hearing Diagnostic Program: Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking Sacramento’s (CCHAT) Newborn Hearing Diagnostic Program (NHDP) aims to ensure that all babies born in our region have access to essential hearing screenings and diagnostic evaluations. The goal is to serve as a vital resource for babies born in hospitals without testing capabilities and those born outside of the hospital system with initial screenings and diagnostic evaluations. CCHAT knows the critical importance of early detection, immediate amplification, and enrollment in intervention services.

  • Lead Organization: Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking Sacramento (dba CCHAT Center)
  • Collaborators: Northern CA Hearing Coordination Center-Dept. of Health Care Services, UC Davis Health Audiology, Welcome Home Midwifery Services, Inc., and California Birth Center
  • Grant Award: $25,000 

Building Health Equity and Wellness through Collaborative Care: Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) is committed to improving access to life-changing resources for marginalized community members. To achieve this, their collaboration will organize wellness fairs, workshops, groups, and mentoring programs tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals from marginalized communities. They seek to empower adults and youth with knowledge and skills to access available resources with the goal to ensure that all participants have equal opportunities to thrive and succeed, regardless of their circumstances.

  • Lead Organization: Community Against Sexual Harm 
  • Collaborators: STRIVE Community Health, and Emerge
  • Grant Award: $84,000

Elk Grove Unified School District FIRST Foundation: This project will expand services provided through the Elk Grove Unified School District's (EGUSD) Newcomer Welcome Centers (NWC), with emphasis on newcomer and refugee families new to the country and the US education system. NWCs play an essential role helping students and their caregivers acclimate by providing wrap-around support, family education and community resource connections. This project will enhance experiences for the Moms Support Groups, increase the number of families receiving basic school supplies, and improve access to healthy food.

  • Lead Organization: EGUSD FIRST Foundation
  • Collaborators: Elk Grove Unified School District, and Sacramento Food Bank; Family Services
  • Grant Award: $75,000

Addressing the Comprehensive Needs of Re-entry Adults in Sacramento County: This project will enable low-income and homeless adults returning to society from jail in Sacramento County to regain their dignity and well-being. The project will pilot the integration of case management, mindfulness training courses, and peer mentoring into the Exodus Project, St. Vincent de Paul Sacramento program’s existing wrap-around support services of employment, emergency housing, counseling, and system navigation. Successful outcomes include emotional and behavioral progress toward healthy motivations, access to services, and stability of housing and employment.

  • Lead Organization: Exodus Project, St. Vincent de Paul Sacramento
  • Collaborators: Sacramento Office of the Public Defender, and Boundless Freedom Project
  • Grant Award: $83,120

Cut to the Chase: This project will focus on improving mental health for Black men and women in Del Paso Heights and Oak Park with ongoing advocacy for Black males and females to obtain required mental health services. To address the stigma around Black males and females seeking mental-emotional support, this program will provide therapy in spaces that Black men and women already comfortably frequent throughout our community. This includes the partnering organizations and local barbershops and beauty salons. 

  • Lead Organization: Greater Sacramento Urban League
  • Collaborators: Capitol City Black Nurses Association, and Heart of the Matter Counseling
  • Grant Award: $100,000 

Connect to Health - Supporting Healthy Newcomers Communities: This project will address the need for culturally and linguistically congruent health/mental health navigation services and psychosocial support to refugees, immigrants, and newcomers as an underserved community in the Sacramento region. The project aims towards advancing health equity with emphasis on prevention, contribution to a seamless continuum of care, and demonstrated community collaboration.

  • Lead Organization: International Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC) 
  • Collaborators: River City Food Bank, and One Community Health 
  • Grant Award: $75,000 

Mercy Holistic Ministries: The goal for this project is to add additional showers for the unhoused in Sacramento County. The intended outcome is to bring dignity to the unhoused by providing basic showers, hygiene kits, clean clothes, haircuts, meals/beverages, in addition to needed health screenings and social service counseling in partnership with the City and County of Sacramento. This partnership will help navigate homelessness and re-entry into the job market and subsequently affordable housing.

  • Lead Organization: Mercy Holistic Ministries (MHM)
  • Collaborators: City of Sacramento City Council District 4, Mount Calvary Baptist Church Del Paso, and Faith Presbyterian Church/Bethany Presbyterian Church
  • Grant Award: $75,000 

Skate Nights Youth Development Program: Project Lifelong partners with San Juan Unified School District and Sierra Club's Inspiring Connections Outdoors to combat social isolation in 11-17-year-olds. This project brings pop-up skateboarding parks on middle school campuses through the Skate Nights program, which incorporates Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to foster life skills and a sense of belonging.

  • Lead Organization: Project Lifelong
  • Collaborators: San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD):Family & Community Engagement Department, Sacramento Inspiring Connections Outdoors, and SJUSD: School Site Social Workers
  • Grant Award: $35,566

Basic Needs and Behavioral Health/SUD Services for Unhoused Women & Children: This collaborative project will address the basic needs of women and children in the Greater Sacramento area by providing housing, meals, childcare, employment training, job placement, psycho/social education, life skills training, transportation, and housing navigation services to improve social determinants of health.

  • Lead Organization: Saint John's Program for Real Change
  • Collaborators: Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools and California Mobility Center
  • Grant Award: $85,026

The RAGE Healing Pipeline: The RAGE Healing Pipeline will increase capacity of an intersectional youth-serving-youth cooperative to provide a network of healing, education, arts and leadership programs that work independently and collectively to increase Black youth wellbeing in the Sacramento region. This program will also develop and implement an infrastructure of support, resources and opportunities for Black youth to enter the behavioral health field through entrepreneurship and education/career pathways.

  • Lead Organization: The Race and Gender Equity Project 
  • Collaborators: Monroe Howard Life Coaching, Flyte Studio, and Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) Foster Youth Services (FYS)
  • Grant Award: $75,000

Opening Doors, Transforming Lives: This initiative aims to connect underserved Sacramento County community members with crucial behavioral health services by forming partnerships and offering culturally sensitive outreach to diminish the stigma surrounding mental health care. The goal is to enhance engagement, satisfaction, and participation in these services.

  • Lead Organization: Turning Point Community Programs
  • Collaborators: Consumer Self Help Center (CSH), Liberty Towers Church (LT), Sacramento Youth Center (SYC), and Uptown Studios
  • Grant Award: $73,562

In Yolo County, $94,000 in community grants have been awarded to two community partnership projects:

Thriving Pink ProspeROSA: A Collaborative Breast Cancer Outreach, Education and Program Model: The project addresses the need for breast cancer education, screening and support among Latinas in Yolo County by deploying Tu Historia Cuenta, an evidence based promotores education program that connects those at high risk to screening. This program also offers support, education, navigation and resources for breast cancer patients and survivors. Latinas will be connected with information to resources including important genetic testing, free mammograms, and breast cancer support.

  • Lead Organization: Thriving Pink
  • Collaborators: UC Davis Office of Community Outreach and Engagement Comprehensive Cancer Center and Winters Healthcare (WHC)
  • Grant Award: $64,000 

Resilient Futures Fund: This project targets incarceration and poor health function as a causal loop for many indigent individuals who are accused of crimes and struggle with social determinants of health. Resilient Futures Fund helps to remove financial barriers to success by partnering with agencies who represent and/or provide services to justice impacted clients. 

  • Lead Organization: Yolo County Public Defender CARES
  • Collaborators: Yolo County Conflict Panel and Yolo County District Attorney Office - Restorative Justice Partnership (RJP)
  • Grant Award: $30,000