2018 Community Grants Program

We can't change the world by ourselves. Partnering with others who share our vision and values is the only way to bring about real improvements in the healthcare system. Our Community Grants program is one way we are working with others to increase access to quality care. Organizations that receive grant funds from us are working to improve access to healthcare services for people in low-income and minority communities. Since this program began in 1990 we have made grant awards to nearly 3,010 projects totaling $52.1 million.

Grant Priorities and Letter of Intent

Dignity Health would like to announce the release of our 2016-2017 Community Grants. As with previous cycles, this year will continue to focus on collaborations that increase access to health care services and improve the overall health and well-being of our community. Collaborations must also demonstrate capacity to link directly with Dignity Health hospitals.

Program Overview

The theme for Dignity Health’s 2016 Community Grants program focuses on collaboration with an emphasis on responding to significant health needs identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment. The goal of the program is to develop strategic partnerships between community-based organizations that link services directly to Dignity Health hospitals, leveraging resources that address priority health issues and utilizing creative strategies that have a direct, positive and lasting impact on the health of disadvantaged individuals and families.


  1. Access to Behavioral Health Services: Includes access to mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services.
  2. Active Living and Healthy Eating: Affects health behaviors (e.g., fruit and vegetable consumption), associated health outcomes (e.g., diabetes) and aspects of the physical environment/living conditions (e.g., food deserts)
  3. Access to High Quality Health Care Services: Includes access to primary and specialty care, dental care and maternal and infant care. Additionally, this category includes health education and literacy, continuity of care, care coordination and patient navigation including linguistically and culturally competent services.
  4. Disease Prevention, Management and Treatment: Includes disease prevention and/or management programs that improve health status.
  5. Safe, Crime and Violence Free Communities: This encompasses programs that improve safety from violence and crime, including violent crime, property crimes, domestic violence and human trafficking.
  6. Basic Needs: Includes food security, affordable housing, economic security (e.g., employment, benefits) and education (e.g., reading proficiency and graduation rates).

The 2016 Letter of Intent submission deadline has expired. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work you do that has a tremendous impact on our community.

Please direct all questions to CommunityGrantsSacramento@DignityHealth.org.