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CalPERS members, choose access to Dignity Health

If you’re comparing health plans during Open Enrollment, consider the advantages of a plan that connects you to Dignity Health’s award-winning doctors. You have a choice of where to get care, from virtual visits to medical complexes with on-site primary and specialty care, labs and imaging all in one location. All backed by nationally recognized hospital programs for heart, stroke, cancer care and other specialties. 

This Open Enrollment, make sure you're getting the most out of your relationship with your doctor. Choose a health plan that connects you to our affiliated medical groups and hospitals.

Dignity Health's contracted health plans are among the lowest priced options for CalPERS members!

CalPERS members have access to Dignity Health hospitals, services and affiliated medical groups through the following CalPERS health plan options:

HMO Plans

  • Anthem Blue Cross Select
  • Anthem Blue Cross Traditional
  • Blue Shield Trio
  • Blue Shield Access+
  • Western Health Advantage

PPO Plans

  • PERS Gold
  • PERS Platinum

In addition to offering great value, these plans connect you to a wide network of affiliated doctors through , Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group, Dignity Health Woodland Clinic and Dignity Health Medical Group - Sierra Nevada.

Dignity Health Sacramento Area coverage map

Make a Healthy Choice

Open Enrollment comes just once a year. Talk to your HR department or Health Benefits Officer about enrolling in a plan that gives you access to Dignity Health—or to simply make sure your current plan does. If you have questions, we’re here to help. Call one of our affiliated groups' member services departments noted below.

Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group: (916) 379-2888

Dignity Health Woodland Clinic: (916) 379-2888

Frequently asked questions

Open enrollment is a time of year when you can sign up for health insurance. The dates depend on your employer but are generally offered in the fall. Additionally, you may qualify to enroll if you have a qualifying life event, like losing coverage through your employer.

September 19, 2023 - October 14, 2023

Changes made during 2023 Open Enrollment will take effect January 1, 2024.

A primary care doctor helps you to manage your health. Common services include regular physical exams, prescribing medications, treating minor illness and injuries, managing chronic conditions, and screenings for common health problems.


Should you need specialized care, your primary care doctor can expertly guide your next steps, and connect you to the right specialist. There are five main types of primary care doctors: Family medicine doctors for the whole family; internal medicine-pediatric doctors for preventing and treating diseases, pediatricians who specialize in children, internal medicine doctors who care for adults, and OB-GYNs for adult women.


Choosing and building a relationship with one of these doctors can help you live a healthy lifestyle based on your individual needs.

One type of health insurance is not better than the other, but there are differences. With an HMO plan you will choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP), who will coordinate the care you need for any specialists. Services are all provided through physicians and facilities in the health plan's HMO network. With a PPO you may also choose a PCP, but you will not need a referral to see another physician. It will usually cost less to see in-network physicians than an out-of-network physician. Whether you are considering an HMO or a PPO, you can check which doctors, medical groups, hospitals, etc. are in the network before you enroll.

*Benefits among health plans and employers vary. Please refer to your health insurance information for details and descriptions of your benefits coverage.

Dignity Health is not a health insurance company. Dignity Health is a provider network of more than 60,000 caregivers and staff who deliver excellent care to diverse communities in hospitals, physician offices and other types of care centers in 21 states. Headquartered in San Francisco, Dignity Health is the fifth largest health system in the nation and the largest hospital provider in California.

Open Enrollment

If you have a doctor or group of doctors you have been seeing or would like to see, be sure they are in the health plan's network. Always be sure to verify with the insurance plan that your doctor is in-network.

Since health plan and network information may change, we recommend confirming your choice is available in your area by contacting the health plan's customer service number listed on its website.