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Dignity Health: Providing a Fast Diagnosis with Emergency Radiology

Emergency radiology refers to the use of imaging exams to diagnose an acute illness or traumatic injury. It can include tests such as:

  • Ultrasound, which uses sound waves to create a moving picture of a structure or organ such as a beating heart
  • X-rays, which uses a very small amount of ionizing radiation to create a still image of an organ or structure
  • CT or CAT scan, which takes specialized X-rays from multiple angles and turns them into a detailed, 3D image

Dignity Health provides expertise and personalized treatment when you need emergency medical care. Call 911 or find a location near you for emergency radiology in Sacramento or a surrounding area. Radiology and other imaging exams used as emergency services are only provided for immediate use at the request of the emergency department clinical team.


What is Emergency Radiology?

ER doctors rely heavily on emergency radiology services to quickly diagnose, determine next steps, and devise a treatment plan. The detailed images emergency radiology provides can be lifesaving.

Emergency radiology usually takes place in a Dignity Health hospital radiology department. A radiologic technologist will likely perform the procedure, and an emergency radiologist will interpret the results. We’ll provide your final results as quickly as possible to help diagnose emergency conditions and select the right treatment for you.

X-rays and ultrasound are fairly quick and easy ways to image a part of the body. Portable ultrasound machines are often available at your bedside. Ultrasound is also great for diagnosing illness in children because it does not use radiation. Portable X-ray machines also are available at some medical centers and can benefit patients in critical care.

CT scans are excellent for injuries and problems with bony structures, including the spine. Your emergency doctor may recommend a combination of imaging studies to fully diagnose your condition.

Trust Dignity Health to have the latest in radiologic technologies to produce the most accurate diagnosis and care.


Why We Use Emergency Radiology in the Sacramento Region

Our emergency department may use emergency radiology to diagnose the following conditions:

  • Internal injuries, including organ injury, such as a ruptured spleen
  • Chest emergencies, including collapsed lung, chest pain, pulmonary embolism, and breathing problems
  • Abdominal emergencies, including kidney stonesappendicitis, and bowel obstructions
  • Internal bleeding, including hemorrhagic stroke and bleeding due to trauma
  • Blood clots, including clots that cause pulmonary embolisms (blood clot in artery going to lung) and stroke (blood clot in artery going to brain)
  • Aneurysms, including brain aneurysms and aortic aneurysms in the abdomen or chest
  • Traumatic injuries, including spine injuries, fractures, and head and neck injuries
  • Infections, including infected gallbladder and abscesses

Dignity Health provides trusted emergency radiology in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.