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Woodland Memorial Hospital Donor Breast Milk Program

Research has shown that if a mother is not able to provide her own milk for her baby, donated, processed human breast milk is a healthier choice than formula.

Woodland Memorial Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the nation to offer donated, processed human breast milk to well newborns. Many hospitals keep donated breast milk on hand, yet it is typically reserved for at-risk infants or those receiving care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In our Birthing Center we are making donated breast milk available to every baby because we feel so strongly about the significant health benefits of human breast milk. We encourage moms to give any breast milk – their own or donated, processed milk – to their baby while they are in the hospital, by doing so their babies will have a great head start to a healthier childhood.
We support each mother’s right to bottle feed – we just encourage them to put breast milk in the bottle.

Our Birthing Center receives donated, processed human milk from the Mother’s Milk Bank at Valley Medical Center, in San Jose – a licensed tissue bank. Women who donate their breast milk must be healthy and undergo thorough screening. Donated breast milk is pasteurized and tested to ensure its safety. The milk is shipped frozen and is carefully handled and labeled. Donated, processed human breast milk has been proven to be safe for infant feeding and has never been linked to a documented transmission of disease or illness.
Woodland Memorial Hospital is a Baby Friendly Hospital, as recognized by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund. This distinction recognizes our commitment to the highest level of care for our Birthing Center patients. We have specially-trained lactation consultants on staff, seven days a week, to provide breastfeeding support services and education to patients – should breastfeeding difficulties arise after mother and baby go home, follow up lactation appointments are available.
To schedule a lactation appointment, please call (530) 668-2600.