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Childbirth and Education Resources


Pregnancy and Childbirth Education Classes

Woodland Memorial Hospital offers pregnancy and childbirth education classes taught by trained instructors. They are designed to be started by the seventh month of your pregnancy and completed one month before your due date. Register by your fourth month of pregnancy to assure that space is available.

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Breastfeeding Education And Resources

At Woodland Memorial Hospital, we're committed to supporting families who choose to breastfeed. Our lactation services team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, certified lactation consultants and lactation educators who are interested in helping you succeed in breastfeeding.

Our goal is to encourage every mother to breastfeed. Breast milk provides an excellent source of nutrition for your baby and has many health benefits for both mother and baby. We actively encourage breastfeeding as the primary source of newborn nutrition.


Woodland Memorial Hospital Breastfeeding Resources

For more information, please contact Woodland Memorial Hospital Lactation Services at (530) 669-5420.

Childbirth and Education Resources