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Woodland Memorial Hospital Family Birth Center

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We know that the birth of a child is one of life's most rewarding adventures for you and your family. Woodland Memorial Hospital's Family Birth Center consistently receives high praise for the excellent care our patients receive. Our caring staff makes you their priority and is there to surround you and your little one in secure comfort.

Family-Centered Care

Our Family Birth Center supports family-centered maternity care and we're committed to providing you the best birth experience possible. We want you and your family to feel at home in our birthing center. Throughout your stay, we encourage you to ask questions, learn, and participate in the care of your newborn.

Birthing Center Features Include:

  • Caring and experienced Birthing Center staff of OB/GYN doctors and nurses

  • 24/7 Doula Services - Doulas are available to anyone who delivers at Woodland Memorial Hospital free of charge. A doula is a trained professional that provides physical and emotional support to a woman and her support team during labor and birth.

  • Baby Friendly Designation - recognizing our commitment to the highest level of care for our Birthing Center patients

  • Spacious private birthing suites

  • 24/7 access for your support person, with comfortable overnight sleepers

  • Tubs in all Family Birth Center birthing suites

  • Pain relief options - including nitrous oxide, aromatherapy, epidural anesthesia, patient-controlled epidural analgesia water, Remifentanil (patient-controlled IV) and water laboring

  • Rooming in - keeping mom and baby together during your stay

  • Celebration dinner - a special dinner to celebrate the newest addition to your family

  • Lactation and breastfeeding support services - while at the Birthing Center, and follow-up care after you go home

  • Donor breast milk available - we encourage moms to give any breast milk-their own or donated, processed breast milk - to give their baby the healthiest start possible

  • Skin to Skin bonding immediately after birth - to allow early bonding and breastfeeding

  • Safe and secure Birthing Center - for you and your baby's safety, our family birth center is a locked unit - matching armbands will be placed on you, your baby, and your support person.

  • Aromatherapy

  • Free WiFi available in the Family Birth Center

Doula Services

Woodland Memorial Hospital is pleased to provide doula services to obstetric patients. A doula is a trained professional that provides physical and emotional support to a woman and her support team during labor and birth. Research shows that women who use doulas have reduced labor times, fewer medical interventions, greater breastfeeding success, and are generally happier with their birth experience. Learn More

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Tour Our Birth Center

We'd love to show you around! The Birthing Center tour is FREE of charge and is offered in English and Spanish. Pre-registration is required. Please call 530.669.5528 for English, 530.669.5531 for Spanish.

Visita para ver la unidad de maternidad. La visita es gratis. Para registrarse por favor llame al 530.669.5531 (Espanol)

The tour is offered at 6:30 p.m. on the THIRD Wednesday of every month.
El primer miercoles, 7:30 p.m., de cada mes a las Espanol.

The tour is also offered at 9:30 a.m. on the SECOND Saturday of every month.

The Birthing Center Tour starts in the main lobby of Woodland Memorial Hospital, 1325 Cottonwood Street.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Education

Woodland Memorial Hospital offers pregnancy and childbirth education classes to prepare you for your upcoming arrival. Sign Up