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Lung and Esophageal Program

The Lung & Esophageal Program at Dignity Health offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating, diagnosing and treating individuals with known or suspected diseases of the lungs, chest or esophagus. Our specialized level of care represents the largest and most advanced program of its kind in Northern California. For help finding a Dignity Health-affiliated doctor, call our physician referral hotline at (888) 800-7688.

Esophageal Disease Program

Dignity Health combines the expertise of physicians who specialize in thoracic surgery and gastroenterology with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques of pulmonary rehabilitation. Learn More

Thoracic Surgery Program

Dignity Health's Thoracic Surgery Program focuses on providing the best possible outcomes with multi-specialty care for patients with lung nodules or lesions, and complex cases of lung or esophageal cancer. Our thoracic surgeons provide advanced surgical treatment for GERD, hernia repair, diaphragmatic paralysis and excessive sweating. Learn More

Integration with the Dignity Health Cancer Institute of Greater Sacramento

Learn more about our comprehensive cancer services, including more detailed information about: