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Before Your First Mercy MS Center Visit

Welcome to the Mercy Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center. To help provide you the best possible care, please bring the following information to your first appointment:

  • Our patient questionnaire that you have printed and filled out
  • Records from your primary physician about your general health, as well as records from other neurologists, including any test results you have
  • Results of spinal fluid tests if you have ever had a spinal tap
  • A list of your questions for our providers

During your appointment we will review the questionnaire with you, find out about your symptoms, and conduct a physical examination that will focus on your neurological function.

We cannot stress enough the importance of actual images of MRI scans (not just the reports) since the images tell far more than the report. In many cases we may not be able to complete the consultation and make diagnosis and decisions about treatment until we have seen the images. Ask the radiology facility that performed them to give you a CD with the images or send us the CD. Primary care doctors usually do not have these images, so it is up to you to arrange for them.

Thank you for choosing the Mercy MS Center to assist in your care. We look forward to meeting you at your upcoming appointment. Please contact the clinic at 916.536.3670 should you have any questions or concerns regarding your appointment.

Mercy Multiple Sclerosis Center

6555 Coyle Avenue
Carmichael, CA  95608
Phone  (916) 536-3670
Fax       916.536.2480