Mercy MS Center

The Mercy MS Center was one of the first in Northern California to be designated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a Comprehensive Center for MS Care.

This affiliation recognizes a unique group of medical caregivers who have a high level of proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis in a setting where specialized resources are available.

The Mercy MS Center: Specialists in Multiple Sclerosis

Dignity Health Neurological Institute of Northern California's MS Center comprises physicians and staff with a high level of proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of MS at all levels of severity. Led by Mercy MS Center Director, John Schafer, MD, the Mercy MS Center staff includes two neurologists with special expertise and training in the diagnosis and treatment of MS, and a certified multiple sclerosis nurse. Our team also includes:

  • Radiologists
  • Urologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Physical medicine specialists
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Behavioral health specialists

The efforts of these specialists are supported by several key specialty services, including:

  • Imaging Centers - MRI scans of brain and spinal cord
  • Infusion Centers - for MS treatments which are given intravenously
  • Rehabilitation - physical, occupational and speech therapists who understand MS

MS Shared Visits: Providing Empowerment and Educational Opportunities

Through our MS patient shared visits we have earned national recognition for providing empowerment and educational opportunities for patients and their family members managing multiple sclerosis. Guided by our physician and nurse specialists, patients learn from their peers in a collaborative, supportive environment while gaining valuable patient information for comprehensive care.

Additional Resources for MS

For assistance with a physician referral, call 1-888-800-7688. To request additional information from someone at the Dignity Health Neurological Institute of Northern California, email us today.

MS Achievement Center Celebrates Team USA Spirit

Olympic Style Competition motivates people living with multiple sclerosis to reach cognitive and physical goals. Learn more about the center and how participants are going for gold.