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Performing Advanced Craniotomy in the Sacramento Region

If you need brain surgery, your doctor will perform a craniotomy. Craniotomy is the first step in any brain surgery. During this neurosurgery, your surgeon will create a flap of scalp to expose your skull and temporarily remove a piece of bone to obtain direct access to your brain.

A highly trained neurosurgeon at Dignity Health Neurological Institute of Northern California may perform a craniotomy for many reasons, such as to:

Craniotomy can be a life-saving procedure for someone with a brain tumor, aneurysm, or other condition that requires brain surgery. Often, a craniotomy can completely cure a brain disorder and allow you to live a normal life.

Trust the Dignity Health Neurological Institute of Northern California expert neurosurgeons to perform advanced craniotomy in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. No matter the reason for your procedure, we offer expertise and skill for a positive outcome. Talk to your doctor about craniotomy or call our physician referral line at (888) 800-7688.


What to Expect from Craniotomy at Dignity Health

Craniotomy is considered major surgery. It is performed under general anesthesia at a Dignity Health hospital. After you are asleep, your doctor will make an incision in your scalp and fold it back to reveal the bones of your skull. He or she then will remove a portion of the bone to access your brain. When the brain surgery is complete, the doctor will replace and secure the bone. Then he or she will suture the scalp back in place.

During an “awake” craniotomy, you may be awakened during the procedure and be asked to follow simple commands, such as raising your right or left hand. This helps your doctor determine how stimulating certain regions of your brain affects your motor skills. Be assured that you will not experience any discomfort. The anesthesiologist will put you back to sleep afterwards.

Before your surgery, your care team will provide detailed instructions about how to prepare, including whether or not to take your regular medications and when to stop eating and drinking. If you have any questions about what to do before a craniotomy, your surgeon will gladly answer them.


Craniotomy Recovery

Craniotomy is only performed as an inpatient procedure. That means you will need to stay in a Dignity Health hospital or medical center. After the surgery, you will be moved to a recovery area and then to an intensive care unit. You should expect to remain in the hospital for several days. It is normal to experience some pain and facial swelling. You will receive pain medications.

Our neurology program is committed to providing exceptional care. Reach out to our professionals to learn more today.

Dignity Health Institute of Northern California performs neurosurgeries like craniotomy in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.