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Volunteer at Woodland Healthcare

There are many ways to become involved through volunteering with Woodland Healthcare including becoming a member of our Auxiliary or serving on one of our five volunteer advisory boards. 

Become an Auxiliary Volunteer

Woodland Healthcare Auxiliary volunteers play an integral role in the delivery of patient and family services at Woodland Memorial Hospital through direct interaction with patients and visitors or by providing necessary services throughout the hospital. Explore the many opportunities awaiting you when you become an Auxiliary Volunteer. 

How to join the Woodland Healthcare Auxiliary
The process for joining the Auxiliary begins with completing a volunteer application form. Volunteers undergo a criminal background check and health screening, as well as an orientation and training class related to confidentiality, safety and job responsibilities. Auxiliary volunteers must be 18 years or older to apply.

If you would like to be a part of this valuable program or learn more about upcoming activities and membership, please call (530) 662-3961 ext. 6205.

Woodland Healthcare Volunteer Advisory Boards

Be the eyes and ears of Woodland Healthcare, bringing valuable input from within the organization and from the community into the operation of our facilities. 

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Woodland Healthcare Community Board

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