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Here For You and Your Family

At Glendale Memorial, caring for patients is always our number one priority.

For Patients

Our goal is to provide the best possible care during your hospital stay. Meeting and exceeding your expectations for quality care and service is very important to us, so please ask us if you or your family need anything during your stay. We are here for you.

Quality Care

At Glendale Memorial, taking care of our patients is our number one priority. We also respect the rights and concerns of your family and friends, treating everyone in a courteous and respectful manner. Together, we will provide the compassionate and quality care each patient deserves.

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Rapid Response Team (RRT)

Our goal for all patients is to ensure that you are cared for in a safe environment and that your health needs are being met continuously. When there is a perception of a significant change in your condition or the condition of your loved one, or if "something just doesn't seem right," a Rapid Response Team (RRT) can be summoned


Expert Care When You Need it

Our doctors and medical staff are here to provide the care you need, and expect.

Who Can Call the RRT?

The RRT can be summoned by anyone: you, your nurse, therapist or any other staff member who may feel there is an urgent need for further evaluation. If you believe we are not recognizing your concerns, or if “something just isn’t right,” call extension “500,” give them the patient’s name and ask for the Rapid Response Team.