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Questions & Answers

Who makes decisions about your care and treatment?

When it comes to making decision about your care, your doctors will give you information and advice about treatment which includes services provided after your Glendale Memorial Hospital stay. You have the right to choose. You can say "Yes" to treatments you want and "No" to any treatment that you don't want.

Can other people help with my decisions?
Yes. Patients often turn to their relatives and close friends for help in making medical decisions. These people can help you think about the choices you face. You can ask the doctor and nurses to talk with your relatives and friends. They can ask the doctors and nurses questions for you. You may tell your doctor that you want someone else to make healthcare decisions for you.

Who can I name as my agent?
You can choose an adult relative or any other person you trust to speak for you when medical decisions must be made.

What if I change my mind?
You can change or cancel your Advance Directives at any time as long as you can communicate your wishes.

Will I still be treated if I don't make an Advance Directive?
Absolutely. We just want you to know that if you become too sick to make decisions, someone else will have to make them for you.