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Heart Diagnostic Services

Prior to any heart diagnostic testing, your heart doctor will give you a thorough physical exam to determine what type of test is needed to fully determine your heart condition.

The team at Glendale Memorial hospital offers a number of heart tests to help our patients and cardiologists determine the best heart treatment options and health outcomes.  Tests range from simple to increasingly detailed including:

  • Blood tests, which can diagnose and monitor treatments; 
  • Ultrasound tests, which use ultrasound or high frequency sound waves to create graphic images of the heart structure, pumping action and direction of blood flow;
  • Electrocardiograph tests, which evaluate the electrical activity generated by the heart at rest and while working hard;
  • Radiographic tests, which use x-ray, CT or MRI machines to create pictures of the internal structures of the heart;
  • Nuclear imaging tests, a radioactive tracer is administrated to the patient,which produce images by detecting the radiation;
  • Cardiac catheterization tests, which help doctors see the coronary arteries.

Our goal at Glendale Memorial is to provide our patients with the best possible heart care delivered with compassion.  Our doctors and nurses listen, and want to be sure that our patients clearly understand the tests and options available to them.  

If you'd like to know more about our heart care, or for a Physician Referral, call (818) 502-4533 or use our online feature, Find a Doctor.