Tobacco-free Campus

At Community Hospital of San Bernardino we are committed to caring for the health and safety of our patients, visitors, and staff. We are a tobacco-free facility.

In keeping with the California State Law that prohibits smoking in public places, Community Hospital of San Bernardino is a tobacco-free facility. This means that smoking and the use of any tobacco product is strictly prohibited anywhere on our campus grounds, including our buildings, parking lots, and walkways. This policy applies to everyone, including patients, visitors, medical staff members, volunteers, vendors, and employees.

People who smoke or use tobacco will need to refrain from doing so on our campus. Nicotine replacement therapy can be ordered for patients. If you are a patient and you smoke or use tobacco, please consult with your physician.

Upon request, we can provide smoking cessation resources or we can refer you for follow up assistance with the American Cancer Society.