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Visiting Hours & Guidelines

Visitors are a very important part of our patients' recovery and we welcome you to visit between 8 am and 8 pm daily.

Community Hospital of San Bernardino
1805 Medical Center Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92411
(909) 887-6333

Visiting hour times may vary, so it is best to call ahead.

To ensure that Community Hospital of San Bernardino patients are safe and receive the rest they need, we ask that all visitors obtain a visitors badge at the main entrance/lobby of the hospital (valid government identification may be required), and wear the badge at all times.

  • Please keep in mind that in most cases there is a limit of two visitors per patient room.
  • Doctor's permission is required for overnight stays.
  • Guests who are ill themselves are asked to refrain from visiting.
  • All visitors are required to sanitize their hands before entering, and those with flu-like symptoms will be asked not to visit until they are well.

Children as Visitors
Children under 16 are not allowed to visit.

Flu Shots
Community Hospital of San Bernardino strongly encourages vaccination against H1N1 and seasonal flu. Shots will be available and administered immediately upon delivery to the hospital. The hospital will make every effort to inform the community when the vaccinations arrive. You may also call our switchboard to inquire at (909) 887-6333.

Phone Calls to Patient Rooms
Call the main hospital line at (909) 887-6333 to speak with a patient-room.

Hospital-affiliated physicians may provide a number of services. All physicians are independent contractors and not employees of Community Hospital of San Bernardino.