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Snoezelen Room: A Multi-Sensory Environment

Snoezelen (pronounced SNOOZE-len) is a form of therapy that offers sensory stimulation and relaxation to help children with soothing sounds, a rainbow of lights, interactive screens and bubble tubes, massage chairs and mats, aromatherapy, and more.

A Sensual Feast Of Light, Sounds, Smells And Textures

The feast for the senses that exists in a Snoezelen Room can help relax children with a variety of medical conditions. Kids with brain injuries may be able to achieve better thinking over time. This room may also help to limit self-injury and repeated actions such as flapping hands or making a noise over and over in autistic children.

Animatronic Figures And More

The Snoezelen room inside Community Hospital's Children's Subacute Center is a therapeutic, controlled, multi-sensory environment that stimulates as well as relaxes by using light, color, texture, sounds and scents. We've also installed six toy-themed animatronic figures to help children feel more like children.

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