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Nasal/Sinus Procedures

If you and your otolaryngologist decide surgical care is needed to stop or lessen the severity of your chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea or snoring symptoms, Community Hospital of San Bernardino offers the most innovative technologies and techniques. These advanced treatment options are less invasive and result in faster recovery and your speedy return to normal daily activities.

Balloon Sinuplasty – A new and revolutionary technique allows surgeons to dilate the sinuses using balloons to open the inflamed area(s). The procedure is handled similar to angioplasty, where cardiologists use balloons to open blocked blood vessels. In the case of your sinuses, the procedure lessens the trauma to the surrounding tissue and preserves the sinus openings. For additional details about this procedure, including an informational video, click here to go to Balloon Sinuplasty.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery – A minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove sinus blockages that can cause sinusitis and other conditions. There are a number of causes for these blockages, including nasal polyps and tumors. Functional and image-guided procedures are used to improve airflow in the nose and drainage in the sinuses.

Rhinoplasty – A plastic surgery procedure to correct and reconstruct the form of the nose to restore function and aesthetics associated with nasal trauma, congenital defects or other respiratory impediments.

Septoplasty – A surgical procedure to correct the shape of the separation between the two nostrils of the nose (a deviated or crooked nasal septum) that may be blocking normal breathing.

Somonoplasty (Reduction of Nasal Turbinates) – A minimally invasive procedure that uses radio frequency energy to shrink excess tissue to the upper airway, in the palate and uvula to address excessive snoring issues, the base of the tongue for obstructive sleep apnea and nasal turbinates to treat chronic nasal obstruction.

Getting the Care You Need

For your surgical care, your otolaryngologist will work in tandem with our highly skilled, multi-disciplinary nursing care team, in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Your surgeon’s skills and experience are complemented by our family-centered approach to surgical services for patients of all ages. The care delivered by our staff before, during and after surgery will be individualized to your health needs. You will be in and out of the hospital the same day, but we’ll be sure to check on you after you leave to ensure you are doing well.

Surgical Care Team: Click here to learn more about the otolaryngologists who practice at Community Hospital, as well as the hospital’s specially trained surgical care team.