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Getting Started

The first step in addressing your ear, nose and throat health issue is finding an otolaryngologist who meets your individual health needs. Through Community Hospital of San Bernardino’s online or call center physician referral service, you can match your requirements to a board-certified doctor located near you, someone who takes your health insurance and specializes in treating your health condition.

Pre-Surgery Admission Process

If you and your physician settle on a surgical procedure as your best treatment alternative, his or her office staff will explain the pre-surgery admission process. All requirements will vary depending on your individual medical condition and insurance plan, but you will have the support of hospital admissions counselors to guide you.

Convenient online pre-admitting is available. 

Insurance and Payment Options

Community Hospital of San Bernardino accepts most major health insurance plans for the hospital services portion of your bill. Your physician will direct you to a financial counselor at the hospital to address your hospital-associated financial questions, including establishing self-payment plans if needed.

Learn More About ENT Services At Community Hospital of San Bernardino

For more information on Ear, Nose and Throat, please call (909) 806-1919 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor.