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Treatment for Prostate Cancer

We understand that the thought of anyone having a cancer of any type is frightening and intimidating. At Community Hospital of San Bernardino we believe in providing optimum and holistic healing to each patient.

Screening and Seeding Male Cancer

Thanks to recent clinical advancement and cancer technology treatment plans, we have given hope to many people in the community with brachytherapy, a seed implant procedure that offers fast and effective recovery, with no side effects.

Brachytherapy Treatment

This revolutionary treatment implants radioactive seeds directly to the prostate to treat the cancerous tissue, without affecting the rest of the healthy organs and tissues. Men with early stage prostate cancer detection can benefit from brachytherapy. This treatment option offers men 45-years of age and older with the following advantages.

  • Decreases complications of urinary leakage and sexual dysfunction
  • Recovery period 2-3 days.
  • Non-invasive procedure.
  • No overnight hospital stay.

Learn More About Male Cancer Services At Community Hospital of San Bernardino

For more information on Prostate Cancer Treatments, please call (909) 887-6333. To find out about brachytherapy, call (909) 806-1551. To find a physician, please call (909) 806-1919 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor