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When to Take Your Child to the ER in Southern California

Every day and night, parents face the question of whether or not to take their child to the emergency room when their child is very sick or hurt. Your child’s condition may be mild enough to make an appointment with your pediatrician, or perhaps go to an urgent care clinic

But at Dignity Health Southern California, we want to take guess work out of the equation. If your child has a serious health concern, it is important to know when to take your child to the ER in Southern California. 

You will receive high-quality health care at all of these convenient locations:

Dignity Health Southern California has your convenience in mind. If you feel comfortable waiting at home, use InQuicker to select an estimated arrival time at one of our emergency rooms.

Pediatric Emergencies in Southern California

It is best to take your child to our emergency department — or call 911 for help — for the following signs and symptoms: 

  • Bone fractures with bone through the skin
  • Confusion
  • Dehydration, including no tears, no wet diapers, and sunken soft spot in infants
  • High fever and fever lasting for several days
  • Fainting or passing out (temporary loss of consciousness)
  • Meningitis symptoms, including stiff neck with headache and fever
  • Respiratory problems, including difficulty breathing and severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)
  • Serious injuries, including burns, eye injury, and head injury
  • Sudden and severe pain
  • Sudden inability to speak or move
  • Sudden vision problems, including blurry vision
  • Suspected poisoning or overdose
  • Vomiting or coughing blood 

Call 911 for the fastest medical response in these situations: 

  • Bleeding that does not stop with pressure
  • Confirmed poisoning
  • Not breathing or choking
  • Seizures in children lasting longer than three minutes
  • Spine injury

Pediatric ER Care at Dignity Health Southern California

Trusted pediatric emergency care at Dignity Health Southern California starts with kindness. Our experienced pediatric ER staff uses special equipment and techniques for children, even when you take your infant to the ER. 

It is not always possible to know when your child requires emergency care. If you are in doubt, call 911.

Dignity Health provides timely and effective medical care you can trust when you need to take your child to the ER in Southern California.