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Comprehensive Options for Joint Surgery in Southern California

Joint surgery is performed to fix a problem with one or more of your joints. Common procedures include:

  • Total joint replacement to replace a damaged or diseased joint with an artificial joint made of ceramic, metal, or plastic parts.
  • Joint revision to replace a diseased or damaged artificial joint.
  • Joint resurfacing is a partial joint replacement that saves some part of the joint, such as the head of the femur with hip resurfacing.
  • Joint fusion permanently joins two bones together to help relieve pain.
  • Arthroscopy is minimally invasive joint surgery, which is used to diagnose and treat hip conditions

If your joints are restricting your movement or causing you pain, the orthopedic experts at Dignity Health Southern California can help. Use our Find a Doctor tool to see who performs joint surgery in Southern California.

At our hospitals, your care team will include board-certified surgeons as well as specialty doctors, nurses, and therapists. We offer a full range of orthopedic surgeries and procedures at our local hospitals:

When are Joint Surgery & Replacement Recommended?

When you come to Dignity Health Southern California, your doctor may recommend joint surgery to treat chronic joint pain, infection, or disability from traumatic injury, overuse, or arthritis if: 

  • Joint pain or stiffness is present at rest or interferes with your daily activities.
  • X-rays show loss of bone and cartilage or severe joint damage.
  • The joint is deformed from trauma or arthritis.
  • More conservative treatments haven’t worked, including physical therapy, steroid injections, and anti-inflammatory medicines.

What to Expect During Joint Surgery

From pre-surgery prep classes to caring rehabilitation services, our experts prioritize your well-being and will let you know the best ways to prepare for your procedure. 

Joint surgery can be traditional open surgery or minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, depending on your symptoms and injuries. Open surgeries usually require general anesthesia and result in larger incisions than arthroscopic procedures. 

All surgeries involve risk, including infection, blood clots, bleeding, and reactions to anesthesia. There may be additional risks depending on the type of surgery. Your doctor will tell you about your risks and ways to help minimize them.

Joint Surgery & Joint Replacement Recovery at Dignity Health Southern California

For some joint surgeries, you will need to stay in our hospital for a few days and perhaps our rehabilitation center before you can go home. Some minor joint surgeries, including types of arthroscopy, are outpatient procedures. 

Physical therapy is typically part of recovery after joint surgery, especially for joint replacements. It will help you regain flexibility and strength — and may also help your joint return to full function.

Talk to your doctor about your options for joint surgery and recovery today.

Dignity Health offers a range of options for joint surgery and replacements in Southern California. 

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