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Know Your Options for Joint Resurfacing in Southern California

Joint resurfacing is a type of joint surgery used to replace part of a damaged joint with artificial materials, such as plastic or metal. Unlike total joint replacement surgery, it spares more of your existing, healthy joint tissue. Joint resurfacing is commonly used to treat problems with the shoulder, hip, and knee joints.

If you have a joint injury or condition causing pain or restricted movement, the orthopedic and joint experts at Dignity Health Southern California can help. Your care team of board-certified doctors will guide you through the process from diagnosis to surgery and rehabilitation. Use our online tool to Find a Doctor who specializes in joint resurfacing in Southern California at: 

What Does Joint Resurfacing Surgery Treat?

Your doctor may recommend joint resurfacing to treat chronic joint pain due to: 

  • Arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis
  • Rotator cuff problems in the shoulder
  • Hip dysplasia, which is when the hip joint doesn’t develop normally, causing the joint to wear out
  • Osteonecrosis, or death of bone

What to Expect During Joint Resurfacing Surgery at Dignity Health Southern California

Your joint resurfacing surgery will take place under general anesthesia in a Dignity Health Southern California hospital or surgery center. The length of the surgery and extent of the incision will depend on the specific surgery. For example, knee resurfacing usually involves a smaller incision than a full replacement. However, due to the complexity of hip resurfacing, it can lead to a larger incision than that used for total hip replacement.

Joint Resurfacing Recovery

You will spend one to four days in the hospital after joint resurfacing. Some people also need some time in a rehabilitation center after their hospital stay. You will also need to use crutches or wear a sling for several weeks after surgery. 

Physical therapy will help you regain joint strength and movement. Full recovery can take up to 12 weeks. Your entire care team at Dignity Health Southern California will ensure you have the tools and exercises you need to recover well from joint surgery. 

Dignity Health surgeons offer an expertise in performing joint resurfacing in Southern California.