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Effective Care for Painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Arizona

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve. This nerve controls the muscles at the base of the thumb and senses feeling in the palm side of the fingers and thumb. The median nerve travels through a tunnel (the carpal tunnel) in the wrist made of connective tissue and bone. When the space in the tunnel narrows due to irritation or swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms occur. 

The sooner you are treated for carpal tunnel syndrome, the better. Early treatment can help prevent permanent hand numbness and other complications. If you are experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in Arizona, you should see a Dignity Health hand expert as soon as possible. Find a Doctor online or by calling (800) 792-1602. We offer the latest innovative treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome at multiple locations in Arizona: 


What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel is what causes the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Age, overuse of your hands, and certain medication conditions, such as diabetes, increases your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Some people have narrow carpal tunnels and are prone to this condition. Having a narrow carpal tunnel tends to run in families. 


Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Numbness and hand pain are the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain can travel up the arm as far as the shoulder. Other symptoms include shock-like sensations, burning, tingling, and a range of other strange sensations. Decreased grip strength and hand weakness can also occur.

Symptoms usually start gradually. They often come and go in the beginning. Without treatment, symptoms can become constant.


Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Occupational therapy and physical therapy can help you avoid future hand and wrist problems. This may include making workplace modifications, doing stretching exercises, and wearing wrist splints for certain activities.


Carpal Tunnel Treatment at Dignity Health

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome usually begins with nonsurgical strategies, including using splints or braces and changing the way you use your hands during certain activities. Dignity Health offers orthopedic physical therapy and occupational therapy to help you learn safer ways to perform activities with your hands. Your doctor may also recommend corticosteroid injections and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID)s, such as ibuprofen, to reduce pain. 

In many cases, early treatment can prevent the need for hand and wrist surgery. However, if your symptoms aren’t responding to conservative treatments, surgery may be necessary. 

Dignity Health offers treatment and orthopedic procedures for carpal tunnel syndrome in Arizona.