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Find Relief for Hip Pain at Dignity Health

Hip pain is any pain in the hip joint — the part of the body where the pelvis meets the top of the leg. It can be sudden, dull, sharp, or slowly growing in intensity. Hip pain can be located on the inside, outside, back, or front of the hip or anywhere around the hip area. The pain may come and go with activity, such as exercise, or it may be constant. 

At Dignity Health, we understand that hip pain can significantly impact your quality of life. That’s why we treat hip plan with the goals of both reducing pain and increasing mobility. Find a Doctor using our online tool or call (877) 914-1670 to learn more about how we can help you manage and reduce hip pain in Arizona. 


Causes of Hip Pain in Arizona

Hip pain may be due to a problem with the hip joint itself or the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other structures in and around the hip joint. Hip pain is commonly caused by:

  • Tendinitis, inflammation of the tissues that connect hip bone and muscles
  • Arthritis (joint inflammation), including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout
  • Muscle strain from overuse injuries caused by playing sports or performing daily activities
  • Hip bursitis, swelling of the bursae (s)mall, fluid-filled sacs that cushion the hip joint
  • Injuries, including dislocation and hip fracture (b)roken hip due to an accident such as a fall
  • Degenerative joint disease of the lower spine with nerve compression (s)ciatica
  • Infection in the hip joint, hip bones, or throughout the body
  • Cancer, including certain bone cancers and blood cancers
  • Osteonecrosis of the hip, a breakdown of bone due to loss of blood supply to the hip


Common Hip Pain Symptoms

You may also notice these symptoms with hip pain:

  • Catching, snapping, clicking, or grating sensation in the hip
  • Redness or swelling 
  • Stiffness
  • Difficulty moving the hip
  • Snapping sound in the hip
  • Pain that shoots down one side of the body from the buttock and down the leg
  • Pain in the thigh, buttocks, or groin
  • Fatigue and fever
  • Swelling or pain in other joints, such as the shoulders, wrists, and knees

If your hip pain doesn't go away or prevents you from doing the things you enjoy, see a doctor. Our board-certified doctors offer orthopedic care from head-to-toe.

Dignity Health provides compassionate care for hip pain in Arizona.