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Orthopedic Surgery

Sometimes treating your joint pain may require surgery to alleviate pain and fix the damaged joint. Orthopedic surgery may be done as an inpatient or outpatient procedure. Certain surgeries are deemed outpatient procedures and will have you home the same day. These include knee, shoulder and hip arthroscopy and surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, among others. More complex orthopedic surgeries, such as ankle, hip, knee or shoulder replacement, require hospitalization to manage your pain, care for wounds and help you become mobile on our own.

Advanced Orthopedic Surgical Options

Orthopedic surgery at Dominican Hospital includes the latest equipment and technologies. Unless you have had a fall with a break that necessitates immediate orthopedic surgery, the choice to have a total joint replacement is a big decision. Your orthopedic surgeon will review your case and may suggest treatment options to relieve your pain and increase mobility. Depending on your age and personal health history, a treatment plan may provide adequate pain relief and functionality for few months or even years. 

In many cases, orthopedic surgery to replace your ankle, hip, knee or shoulder may be necessary to return to an active, pain-free lifestyle. In this case our comprehensive team will take care of you early on, starting with our orthopedic Patient Navigator, and an educational class to ensure that you have the best outcome possible. 

Almost any orthopedic surgery will mean rehabilitation to help you recover total movement.

Learn More About Orthopedic Surgery at Dominican Hospital

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