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Types of Services

In collaboration with the San Francisco, Marin, and San Mateo County Family Courts, Rally serves separated, divorced, and never-married parents and their children when contact with each other is difficult or not possible due to restraining orders. Rally ensures children have a safe healthy environment for parental transfers and that non-custodial parents have access to their children through supervised visitation services. All services include written reports sent to the Court and the parents. The type of service to be provided is determined by the court. Depending on the case, the Court may order other services as they see needed. Services are delivered for a fee on a sliding scale based on each parent’s income. Generally, the Court determines if either one or both parents will pay fees.

Monitored Exchanges - provide a neutral third party site for a child's transition, allowing for the safe transfer of children between parents whose contact with each other has been difficult. 

On-site Supervised Visitation - allows non-custodial parents an opportunity to visit with their children in the presence of a neutral third party. This serves as an alternative to unsupervised visits when the Court has sufficient concern for the safety of the children. 

Off-site Supervised Visitation - is identical to on-site supervised visitation but allows for longer visiting time in a more natural and varied setting.

You may still have questions about the Rally Visitation Services. Visit our FAQ page or contact Rally Family Visitation Services at (888) 277-7747 or via email [email protected] for more information, specific service hours, and locations.