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Preparing for Hospitalization

If you find yourself needing hospitalization, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital wants to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

As you plan for your hospitalization, we recommend that you bring only essential items such as a robe, slippers, and personal care items. Please do not bring jewelry, wallets or electrical appliances.

Your Hospital Room

Your room has been planned for efficient medical and nursing care in a safe, comfortable environment. Each bed is designed for professional nursing care and probably is narrower and higher than the bed that you are accustomed to at home. Each hospital bed is equipped with a call bell system. Your nurse will instruct you on its use. Television service is provided free of charge in all patient rooms.

Environmental/Housekeeping Services

The environmental services staff is responsible for providing a clean and antiseptic environment for patients. All patient care areas are cleaned daily.

Mail, Newspapers And Flowers

  • Mail may be addressed to you at the hospital address. Any mail delivered after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address. Please encourage the use of your full name to assure accurate delivery.
  • Complimentary newspapers are available upon request.
  • Flowers are delivered to patient rooms as soon as they arrive. Flowers are not allowed in the intensive care units or Bothin Burn Center. They will be sent home with your family/friend or held for you until you are transferred to a nursing unit.


Because we care about your health and the health of others, smoking is not allowed inside Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside the hospital.