Joint Pain Assessment

Feel More Like Your Old Self

If hip or knee pain is more than a nuisance; you’re missing out on the activities you love or even simple tasks have become a challenge, it’s time to take action.

Take a step toward a pain-free life. Find out if it’s time to consider joint replacement with our free Joint Pain Assessment. Get back to the activities that you love, enjoy them fully—and without pain.

It’s quick

Just a handful of questions and you could be on your way to a pain-free life. The assessment takes just minutes. The benefits may last for years!

It’s free

Joint pain has cost you your favorite pastime—your golf game or your garden—the assessment won’t cost you anything.

It's worth it

You’ll receive personalized, confidential information that will help you determine your next step toward feeling like your old self again.

Take our Joint Pain Assessment to find out if it's time to consider joint replacement.