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Our Patients

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For Patients

As a patient of Mercy Medical Center, our priority is you. We want to make sure you know your rights as a patient, as well as how to prepare for, and what to expect during your time with us.

Your Room

Each private patient room contains a sofa that converts into a bed for one visitor if the patient wishes to have someone spend the night.

Free Wireless Internet

To keep you connected during your time at our hospital, we are happy to provide our patients and guests with a free wireless Internet connection. Our volunteers at each information desk and staff at the nursing units are available to provide you with an access code and guest log-in instructions for use while at our facility.

Please note that Mercy Medical Center patients and visitors are responsible for the safekeeping of their valuables, including computers, cell phones, and PDA devices.

Hospital Safe

If you cannot send your valuables home, please speak with your nurse about storing them in the hospital safe. When you are discharged you may retrieve your items at the ER Registration Desk. The medical center cannot be responsible for any valuables left in your room.

Patient Meals

We are pleased to offer hotel-style room service for patient meals. You may order meals anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Meals are made-to-order and are delivered within 45 minutes. Patients who have been placed on a special diet by their doctor may have restrictions on their selections. Your nurse will be able to provide you with a menu and details on how to order.

Patients may not visit the cafeteria and should not use the vending machines. Snacks will be provided on request if allowed by your doctor.


Televisions are provided in each patient room. Please be considerate of others by keeping the TV volume down and turning off your TV at bedtime. You can find a channel listing inside your patient guide.

Mail and Flowers

Mail and packages will be delivered to you by a hospital volunteer. Any mail or flowers received after your discharge will be returned to the sender or florist. Mercy Volunteers deliver directly to patient rooms. Please note that flowers are prohibited in our intensive care unit (ICU). Outgoing mail may be taken to the nursing station or given to your attending nurse. Postage stamps are available in the gift shop.

Spiritual Care

Mercy Medical Center provides specially trained chaplains to offer spiritual and emotional support to patients and family members. Your personal minister is always welcome to visit you while you are here. If you would like assistance from one of our chaplains, please contact your nurse or dial “0” for the Hospital Operator.

Advanced Care Planning

Palliative Care is a way of helping you and your family make difficult decisions about your care, especially if you have an advanced or life-threatening disease. The goal of Palliative Care is to help you achieve the best possible quality of life through the relief of suffering and control of symptoms such as pain and nausea. The Palliative Care team is made up of your doctor, registered nurse, social worker, and a chaplain. They will help you and your family evaluate your needs for care during your serious illness. For more information, please call (209) 564-5332.

Patient Guide

Access your patient guide for more detailed information.



Southern California quality

At Dignity Health, we want to be the safest place possible for our patients and for our caregivers.To increase our safety we need to do more than just create new policies and procedures, we need to strengthen our culture of safety, so that doing the safe thing is always top of mind. 

The 18 Dignity Health Hospitals across the Southern California Division are on the journey to becoming Highly Reliability Organizations (HRO) committed to improve safety by first understanding why people make errors and then training our teams with tools that help people reduce the everyday mistakes that we all make.  When these tools are used all the time, hospitals become reliably safe.