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Meeting Needs, Today and Tomorrow.

Meeting Needs, Today and Tomorrow
St. Joseph’s Medical Center Proposed Expansion Project

For over 100 years, beginning in 1899, Fr. William O'Connor and the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, and St. Joseph’s Medical Center has partnered with you to meet the growing health care needs of Stockton and our surrounding communities.

Today, St. Joseph’s continues its commitment to meeting the health care needs of one of California’s fastest growing areas.

We’re excited about this proposed expansion project. It’s an investment in our community that will help us provide high quality medical services for generations to come. If approved, it will help us:


Broaden and Expand Healthcare Services

Increase Medical Learning Environment


Plan and Prepare for Future Growth

Address Future Seismic Requirements

Modernize and Expand Infrastructure

The proposed project is early in the planning phase. An entitlement process is underway to support the project through your community input.

The project includes these proposed improvements:

  • 24 new intensive care unit (ICU) beds
  • 120 new acute hospital beds
  • New 70-station emergency department
  • Expanded and modernized state-of-the-art operating suite and support spaces
  • New Central Utility Plant and accessory structures
  • Increase available parking by building an 8–10 story parking structure and adding 1,600–1700 spaces for a total of 2,343–2,423 total parking spaces
  • Up to two new heliports
  • Demolition of outdated buildings