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Expanding World-Class Patient Care for the San Joaquin Valley

Keeping San Joaquin Valley residents healthy for more than a century

St. Joseph Medical Center (SJMC) has provided Stockton and the surrounding region with world-class care since 1899. We started with 25 beds and have grown with the San Joaquin community. Now, the time has come to expand our facility and services once again to best meet the needs of all patients, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or identity.

Through a carefully designed phased master plan and entitlement process, the proposed modernization will ensure state-of-the-art patient care for generations to come.

A 21st century hospital for a 21st century city

The SJMC proposed expansion will update the current facility, technology, and infrastructure, bringing a state-of-the-art medical center with aesthetic appeal to the heart of Stockton. Phased improvements include:

  • New Acute Care Tower 
    • 24 new ICU patient beds
    • 120 new general acute patient beds
    • New 70-station Emergency Department
    • State-of-the-art 10-room surgical suite
  • New parking structure
  • Expanded physician residency program
  • Seismic safety upgrades 
  • Improved patient experience
  • Up to two new emergency response heliports

The foundation of a prosperous community

As one of the region’s largest employers, SJMC is improving the community’s overall health and the economy. During the past three years, SJMC has invested nearly a quarter-billion dollars to provide community benefits, amenities, and uncompensated care to the region. This reflects SJMC’s vision and values, extending health and wellness beyond the walls of the hospital. SJMC’s proposed expansion also serves as an economic driver for the region, increasing economic output through skilled trades during construction. Employment at the hospital will also grow, increasing the number of high-paying jobs in the dynamic field of health care and hospital administration.