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Master Development Plan

As part of our effort to share with the public key milestones of the proposed project, the Master Development Plan (MDP), a comprehensive document detailing the proposed expansion project, including narrative, exhibits, phased construction timelines, technical reports, maps and more, is now available to view.

The MDP will serve as the comprehensive plan for the phased growth and proposed expansion of the Medical Center. Interested parties can view the MDP online to gain a better understanding of the overall project, phasing, and individual components. 

The MDP is in draft form and will not be final until reviewed and approved through the City of Stockton’s public hearing process, which will include the Cultural Heritage Board, the Planning Commission, and the City Council. Public hearings are anticipated to occur approximately this summer to early fall. The St. Joseph’s web page will be updated to include public hearing dates, and this information also will be available through the City of Stockton. The web address for the City of Stockton is:

You can find the full Draft Environmental Impact Report here.

The City’s staff has reviewed and provided feedback on the MDP, and those comments have been incorporated into this draft. Additional edits may derive from the City, comments received during the environmental review process, and comments and deliberations during the public hearings. Questions regarding this MDP should be directed to [email protected], and the St. Joseph’s team will respond.